PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA with long experience ready to serve your requirements with the best services

PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA located on Pahlawan Street No. 99 Leuwinutug, Sentul Bogor with area as large as 5000 m2. On this location, PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA able to produce all of components for steel construction.

Our office is a brand new building with minimalis touch makes a confortable place for us to work. From here, all critical decisions released to support continuation of effective work, that spread out all around Indonesia. By this working system, PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA hopes that we can present our maximum effort to our client with a qualified result, fast delivery, and satisfied wishes.
On regular basis, all executive decision, will gather to monitor all "up to date" progresses to keep our consistency-work so we can provide accountable trust to our client.

In this office, we manage our business professionally and effectively. Finance department prepares all about cashflow and maintain the continuation of all widely spread projects. Engineering department does it's job to analyzed all calculation on technically, safety, ergonomic etc matters, to ensure the outcome can be fully enjoyed by our clients.

Welding, cutting, and milling are routine that perform on day by day activity in our workshop. PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA has two overhead crane with payload to 5 tonnes for addition to loading and unloading process. Our workers have to obey safety procedures and wearing helmet, gloves, and boots and also wearing our proudly blue and orange uniform.


We offer consulting service with personal approach, focused, and integrated, supported by all of our staff who have strong background in constructing and whom area of expertise are every type of facilities, including industrial (manufacturing, warehouse, workshop, distribution center, etc), commercial (office, hotel, retail, etc) and residential, and recognize all the requirements for each environment conditions.

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