PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA is one of Indonesia's domestic companies with our own resource moving forward to the future, participating in Indonesia national development, specialize in Steel Construction, Mechanical and Electrical and Building Constructions. By offering it's flexibility in service but strong in quality, PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA has committed to build memorable and good quality creations.

Stepped in more than twenty years of experience, with outcome spread out all over Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Irian Jaya, PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA continues to build with solid management, qualified manpower, modern infrastructure, and workshop.

Equals in capacity and capability, PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA create cost-effective and high quality products. We approach each project with cooperative mindset, working together with client, architect and subcontractors, providing positively working environment to communicate and coodinate with each other to shorten project's schedule.

Our architects and engineers are well-experienced with all methods and construction details and capable to create creative solutions that rationally accountable to be applied to existing condition. Artistic design elements have been one of our strength to obtain harmonious design and construction element. With designs that can be provided from client or its consultant, PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA combines architecture imagination and construction reality into a synchronize and continuation work rhythm.

An integrated service from both scientific measures is generated by organizing experts and well-trained menpower to produce design system that could guaranteed the option benefit for years to come and easy to maintain. this service is completed with the use of energy saving components in every building involved.

Gaining experience from all over the country, building warehouse, workshop and office-building, PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA has composed a sound working system. We provide you with 5000 m2 workshop which is able to move fast to supply the needs of construction, particularly steel constructions project and has all the equipments needed to obtain speed and accuracy. The workshop supports a project team so that it fulfills any task on time and according to the client's standards of quality, we perform education and training program to our team regularly to assure desired result and apply a workflow system to prepare ourselves for any project demand.

Interior design is a combination of education, experience and examination to enhance the function and quality of interior spaces for the purpose of improving the quality of life, productivity, health and safety. PT. IRAWAN PRIMA UTAMA applies this philosopy by analyzing client's need, formulating design concepts that are aesthetic, appropriate and functional. We consider all elements from concept, color, texture, proportion and balance out of every design to satisfy our client, so that they could experience the interior harmony as an integral part of the desired look and feel.

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